Princess Diaries: A Novel, Book Review.

Book Review: Meg Cabot’s The Princess Diaries: A Novel

Princess Diaries was one of my favorite books ever. It was funny and original and very in-the-moment. You could relate to the characters and get inside Mia’s thoughts. It was really funny.

The whole series was enjoyable, but this was the best, along with Forever Princess. It was a good start and an enjoyable end. I highly recommend it.

The best thing from the book was at the end you get a surge of happiness. Only books you like give you that at the end.

And the drama and the adrenaline rush you get when there’s a problem, and then it straightens itself out.

You have to be pretty mature to read the bulk of the books, and understand it.

If you had to ask me what my least favorite book from that series was, it would be Princess On The Brink. I was really sad and I was actually depressed for a couple of days after I read it. For a whole week I thought it was the last book because I couldn’t find one after that. Joyously (thanks to my good friend Amazon) I found two other books after it. To say I was happy would be the biggest understatement of the year.

I checked the last book out of my library.

So, although I haven’t read the entire series (including all the illustrated, and in-the-middle books) I was satisfied at the way it ended and started.
               – Therese


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