The rants people post on Wattpad are almost always true. The video rants from Angry Nerd are almost always true, too (although he didn’t have to diss Doctor Who’s awesome bow-tie. Bow-ties are way better the scarves. Period).

I’m not going to post this rant on Wattpad because that’s just for my stories.

This rant is about me being plain furious with pop culture today.

Problem 1. Sparkly vampires.

Sparkly vampires. Spar-ka-ly vam-pie-res. The whole sentence makes me shudder. The problem with this is: I like fierce vampires that have no heart, so Buffy can completely kill them. Sure, I’ve never actually watched Buffy The Vampire Slayer, so I don’t know if the vampires are actually mean and heartless. All I know is Joss Whedon made it. What I’m saying is: Vampires should be like Count Dracula. Mean, heartless, and have an awesome cape.

Problem 2. Clichés

#STOPSUMMERSBERRY. Arcticstars was right about everything in her book Worst Story On Wattpad. Every main character has the same color eyes, same colored hair, and the same social status. Now, I’m not saying that I want to copy a story sometimes. But when people have no moral barriers keeping them from copying another person’s book. That’s just wacko.

I’m straying from the point, though: Clichés are everywhere. From werewolves and vampires. To player meets good girl. Katrocks247’s How To Be Cliché is true in and of itself. Only, this time, the story’s an original idea, and humorous. It’s cliché. Yet not.

Problem 3. Rants about rants.

The rants about other rants get on my nerves. The rant is there, because someone wanted to voice their thoughts and how many things get on their nerves. They have freedom of speech, people! Stop ranting about someone not liking the Twilight series. And then name names. You, my angry friends, need to make a rant about what you DON’T like. And I don’t mean ranting about the rants. Just make a rant about what you hate.

Now, I’m too lazy to make anything else. Social networking is calling my name.
– Therese


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