Agatha Christie, My Favorite Mystery Books

Agatha Christie, My Favorite Mystery Books

Agatha Christie is my favorite mystery writer. She makes amazing plots that just baffle you. This is a list of my favorite Agatha Christie books:

1. And Then There Were None

For some people this may seem creepy, so for the skittish people, don’t read this! This was my all-time favorite Agatha Christie because at the end there was the explanation to the thing that was completely amazing. It was so outlandish, yet possible. That’s what made the story.

2. The Mysterious Affair At Styles

Yes, the mysterious affair at Styles. Featuring lovable Hercule Poirot that really is sort of like Sherlock Holmes except for the whole I-figure-out-what-you’re-like thing.  Sure, it ended up with someone dying. But crime books are never the same without a little blood. (And the victim wasn’t killed in this really grisly way.)

3. The Murder At The Vicarage

Yes. Though this person that was murdered was very up-popular, Miss Jane Marple’s debut novel was a perfect blend of mystery and Good-Lord-I-should-have-guessed-that sequences. It, personally, took me a long time to finish it. This has been actually my third Agatha Christie this year. And even if I’ve only read four in toto, I’ve loved every single one of them.


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