Five Things Wrong With The Princess Diaries

Five Things Wrong With The Princess Diaries

We live in an age where modern directors like to bend the truth… a lot. We also live in an age where you watch the same movie over and over again to find out what the directors did wrong (Peter Jackson, Gary Ross, etc.).

  1. In movie two where is Michael?
    Sure, I get that I haven’t watched it yet. But I’ve seen the trailers and I don’t see Michael at all. I don’t even see John-Paul Abernathy IV. Did Garry Marshall skip a few books? Is Chris Pine portraying J.P.? I don’t see how he is, considering that he’s in the Genovian government.
  2. Mia’s interest in Greenpeace.
    In the movie Mia couldn’t care less about Greenpeace. Sure, they say a little thing for Lilly, but not much. In every book there’s like a whole five paragraphs (or more) that have the word Greenpeace and animals. They don’t say anything about Mia being vegetarian (which she changes in book eight).
  3. Mia’s mother marries Mr. O’ Connell or Mr. Gianni (read #4)
    Mia’s mother (Helen) doesn’t marry Mr. Gianni. In book two her mother is supposed to marry Mr. Gianni.
  4. The name changes in Mr. Gianni.
    Another one of my problems is that Mr. Gianni’s name in the movie is not really Mr. Gianni. It’s Mr. O’ Connell. (See #5 for my second problem with Mr. Gianni in the movie.)
  5. Mr. Gianni in the movie is not Mia’s Algebra teacher. He’s her Debate teacher
    I don’t even know what teacher he is. But he’s not her Algebra teacher. Because what Algebra teacher would make his students debate.

Well, that’s all for now. And I know there’s more where that came from.


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