Oh, Santa, I truly want a Prius, Xbox, money and a round-trip across the world.
-Love, Pete.

Has anyone wondered what went through our brains as we made out our Christmas lists.

Dear Santa, I want a laptop and an expensive Lego set for Christmas even though you’re probably going to get me something cheap. Like coloring pencils.

Yes, this is just a revision of my letter but it’s still basically my letter. Who would ask for a laptop for Christmas? Something you’d probably find under the tree but not something that you can fit in a stocking (unless you saw that car ad last year where they fit a Toyota in this dude’s stocking).

Now maybe I’m overreacting a little bit about this but I sincerely wish that all the little kiddies out there see this and think twice before putting that American Girl doll on their letter. Instead, ask for a book series (unless you’re filthy rich, in that case ask Santa for a flat-screen TV).

Now, you may be saying this is just the advice of a tween that has six brothers and sisters (and one on the way), but, in all seriousness, it’s not about the present, it’s about the thought (unless it’s the ugliest Gremlin Christmas sweater ever. Unless you like Gremlins, they didn’t put any thought into that).


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