Rants–Part 2

Rants– Part 2

I’m sure that everyone has seen Rants– Part 1 (at least I’m hoping you have) and this is the continuation.

  1. The New Amazing Spider-Man
    First item on the agenda. Gwen Stacy is totally going to die soon, Jamie Foxx is Electro and there’s some weird dude playing Harry Osborn (well, another weird dude). I can’t see the point into talking me in to liking the fact that the guy from White House Down is in my third favorite comic book character’s movie. Just, please, for the sake of the viewer (me) please cast someone else as Electro.
  2. Text Talk
    On Wattpad I’ve seen some stories that have Text Talk in them. Why? Because they’re too lazy to write in Jane Austen‘s English. I know that some of you talk like that. Not. So I just want to come out and say it: GTFO f U cant rite lke a reglr prsn. (God, that was so hard to write.)
  3. The “SyFy” Channel
    I’m looking for SCI-FI people!!! Not extra Ys and WWE. I’m looking for stuff like Star Trek: Next Generation. You know what? I’d even settle for LOTR. At least that’s fiction (or it probably could qualify as Sci-Fi. Maybe). or Hunger Games, that’s considered Sci-Fi! Just so I don’t have to see dudes wearing tight pants. *Shudders*
  4. The Craze For Cabbage Patch Kids
    Okay, fine. That was in the 80’s way before I was born. But… why? I don’t see the obsession of having creepy dolls in your house. Especially when you’re old and decrepit and they’ve come to feast on your soul. Like regular creepy dolls do.
  5. The 1D Craze
    Please explain to me why you want to have a poster or a life-size cardboard cut-out of weird boys that, well, suck. And have weird names like-like Zane (ha-ha fangirls, I spelled his name wrong) or Neall (spelled his name wrong, fangirls :P). But I have a burning hate for them. First of all, who cares if they won X-Factor (I assume they were on X-Factor. At least I heard it on the interwebs), who cares about them AT ALL!!! Who, freaking, cares.

Well, that’s all for now, viewers. Brief hiatus until January 4th. Or later because I’m going to have a new sibling soon. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< He/ she deserves the 76 exclamation marks.)


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