Happy New Year

Happy New Year

I’d like to wish my six followers (Matt Gajdos, Chris Martin, The CoF, Raluca Stoica, ubarnwallart, and taylor oceans) a happy New Year. Thank you for following me (and Matt Gajdos, I love your blog). I hope you all know that I’m not going to get goosey and blubbery. I’ve gotten six followers in a month and nineteen days. I know that probably most of you don’t even read my blog (or maybe you do and don’t like or comment) but I’d like you to know that all of you are appreciated. And that’s why I’m making recommendations on whom you’ll love (probably)

  • For The CoF: The Fancy Pants Report. http://thefancypantsreport.com/.I followed that blog for some time when I still had the fashion craze. But I think you’d like it.
  • For taylor oceans: Todd Pack’s Messy Desk. http://toddpack.com/. I’ve read some of your posts and some of Mr. Pack’s posts and I don’t really see how you’d relate to this, though. Maybe it’s just me.
  • For Matt Gajdos: Live, Nerd, Repeat. http://livenerddierepeat.com/. I love this blog because it’s reminiscing about the days before you could text. But mostly it’s funny and has quirky real-life moments that are laugh-out-loud funny.
  • For ubarnwallart: New American Paintings. http://newamericanpaintings.wordpress.com/. I like this blog because it has some awesome paintings and graphics.
  • For Chris Martin: The Squeaky Robot. http://thesqueakyrobot.com/. I’ve only seen a couple of posts for this and I think that you’d enjoy it.
  • For Raluca Stoica: The Fancy Pants Report. Again I recommend it to anyone that wants to know about casual fashion and trends. (See link up ^^^)

Now, these may not be really good recommendations but I spent time on this (and also a couple thousand computer tabs). So, I hope you like it.
-Sincerely, your affectionate followee, Therese AKA YoungBlogger02


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