That Thing You Do!, A Movie Review

That Thing You Do, A Movie Review

Now, the only time I ever saw this movie was in, like, July (or May, I’m not sure) and after about half a year, I decided to make a movie review.

All in all, I liked the movie. I’d give it 3 out of 5 and a 80% if I was in Rotten Tomatoes.

I liked the song and the story (I freaked out when I saw they went to Hershey Park) and the humor and the realism that can be in any movie (and the “that will never happen”-ness in every movie).  But what really grabbed my attention was the fact that I knew at least two actors in the movie (which, at least when I’m watching movies with my mother), I keep wondering who the heck plays the characters and then I end up Googling it. (Oh! Did you know that that prince from Sleeping Beauty was Freddie in My Fair Lady? Google and learn, my friend).

The story starts at a hardware store where main character, Guy (played by Tom Everett Scott), is working. So, to make a long story short, him and his friends Faye Dolan (Liv Tyler), Jimmy Mattingly (Johnathan Schaech), Lenny Haise (Steve Zahn), and T.B. Player (Ethan Embry) make a band called the Oneders (Faye came up with the name Oneders because the Beatles was spelled differently from beetles. Everyone pronounced it as O-Neder. Later changed to Wonders by Mr. White played by Tom Hanks), performed That Thing You Do! at a school shindig, was invited to play at a Italian place near an airport, made a CD, sold it at said Italian place, was made an offer by this guy, messed up at a “concert” (I don’t know the name), Met Tom Hanks, did this little music thing, cue montage, and *SPOILERS* then they break up. Basically. It’s a lot more than that, actually but I don’t want to waste time making every little detail of the movie into this post.

I really liked the ending and the movie. I just thought I should make a review. Whatever.
– Sincerely, your snarky blogger, Therese AKA YoungBlogger02.


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