Groundhog Day, Movie Review

Groundhog day, Movie Review

Bill Murray is so Bill Murray in this 90’s movie about and anchorman stuck at the one place he hates being at, Punxsutawney, PA. I hate PA, too, Phil. I hate it, too.

So, him and his crew of two people (love interest and comic relief) get stuck in a snowstorm which he hadn’t predicted, forcing him to repeat Groundhog Day until he gets it right.

In the end, he gets it right.

This movie is funny. It’s hilarious and you have to laugh at what he does when he repeats the day. I like his ideas, especially the one about eating such high-cholesterol food and knowing that he’ll just be back to normal vital signs the next day.

This movie is against all odds, my favorite Bill Murray movie. Sure, I’ve only seen it once whereas I’ve watched Scrooged so many darn times. But, whatever. It’s such a fun movie that you can’t help laughing at.


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