The Dreaded…

The Dreaded…

Today I gather my one or two readers to read about my next Dreaded episode. Spellcheck.

Oh, I’d like to roast it on an open fire. There are so many things wrong with it.

5. You Want To Have It
Oh, my God, you don’t have spellcheck so you have to manually read your boring chapter where you know what’s going to happen. I HATE THIS!!!!!!!!!

4. You Don’t Want To Have It
      Like me, I don’t want spellcheck. I make up names and last names that are perfectly fine (like my last name) and it says I haven’t spelled it correctly. I mean, they’re saying that I’m not spelling ‘it’ correctly. WHAT THE H*LL!!!! I SPELLED ‘IT’ CORRECTLY!!!! IT’S ONLY TOW LETTERS I-T. SEE!!!!!!!!!! I CAN SPELL IT. (The same with ‘Want’ down there.)

3. When It Gives You Suggestions That You Don’t Want
What?!?!?!!?! I’m saying Robert, not Rupert. I’m saying plane not plain. I’m saying rock not Rick. STOP!!!! SIRI, I DON’T CARE IF YOU’RE JUST TRYING TO HELP US!!! WE DON’T CARE!!! AND MY MOTHER’S NOT JEWISH!!!!

2. You’re Writing Something Really Good On Wattpad and Then Spell-Check Says I ‘Like’ You Instead of Love.
      Gee, Siri, way to ruin my character’s beautiful moment.

1. Writing In A Different Language
   Well, Siri, I’m sorry I’m not about to switch your language to Dutch so that I can spell Edme right.

-Sincerely, your Blogger, Therese AKA YoungBlogger02


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