Another Post

Another Post

So, after a brief soiree with writer’s block I have finally managed to sit down barf some words out. This is going to be a rant because I’m in the mood for complaining because I’ve read Some Offense Intended ( and I just feel like coming out and saying this.

Why must Lady Gaga be so stupid?

Yesterday my brother was at the last year for his Science Fair thinga-ma-jig and guess what we had to listen to? Lady Gaga.

We were praying for a 30-second ad to prolong us from having to watch crap. Thankfully we didn’t have to watch both the songs because they were both uneven (we were so giddy).

But it still begs the question: Why do people like these songs?

I mean, what are they about again? Something about Poker Faces (I actually like playing Poker with Monopoly money so I really hated this song) and dancing? Well, both those songs were a ton of Bull-feces.

The lyrics were unbearable, the singing was shitty and I don’t even know why I even stayed in the basement when it was playing.

So, the court of Sweet Feet chooses the verdict with the head chairman YoungBlogger02: LADY GAGA IS A POX UPON HUMANITY!!! I HATE HER FREAKIN’ MUSIC SO D*MN MUCH!!! The chair has spoken.

Signed, sealed and done, YoungBlogger02


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