How Very Festive

How Very Festive

The weird pumpkin behind the owls is like, “I’m going to get you next, my pretties, just you wait,” And the Ghost one is just like “Ooh, cookies!”


The Dreaded…

The Dreaded…

Today I gather my one or two readers to read about my next Dreaded episode. Spellcheck.

Oh, I’d like to roast it on an open fire. There are so many things wrong with it.

5. You Want To Have It
Oh, my God, you don’t have spellcheck so you have to manually read your boring chapter where you know what’s going to happen. I HATE THIS!!!!!!!!!

4. You Don’t Want To Have It
      Like me, I don’t want spellcheck. I make up names and last names that are perfectly fine (like my last name) and it says I haven’t spelled it correctly. I mean, they’re saying that I’m not spelling ‘it’ correctly. WHAT THE H*LL!!!! I SPELLED ‘IT’ CORRECTLY!!!! IT’S ONLY TOW LETTERS I-T. SEE!!!!!!!!!! I CAN SPELL IT. (The same with ‘Want’ down there.)

3. When It Gives You Suggestions That You Don’t Want
What?!?!?!!?! I’m saying Robert, not Rupert. I’m saying plane not plain. I’m saying rock not Rick. STOP!!!! SIRI, I DON’T CARE IF YOU’RE JUST TRYING TO HELP US!!! WE DON’T CARE!!! AND MY MOTHER’S NOT JEWISH!!!!

2. You’re Writing Something Really Good On Wattpad and Then Spell-Check Says I ‘Like’ You Instead of Love.
      Gee, Siri, way to ruin my character’s beautiful moment.

1. Writing In A Different Language
   Well, Siri, I’m sorry I’m not about to switch your language to Dutch so that I can spell Edme right.

-Sincerely, your Blogger, Therese AKA YoungBlogger02

Siri Mishaps: Jewish

Siri Mishaps: Jewish

Mom: Wake me up an hour from now.

Siri: Okay.

Mom: Thank you, Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.

Siri: Happy Hanukkah!

Mom: I’m not Jewish.

Siri: I’m not sure I understand.

Mom: I’m not Jewish so it’s strange to wish me a Happy Hanukkah.

Siri: Oh, I thought you were ‘Sarah’.


Groundhog Day, Movie Review

Groundhog day, Movie Review

Bill Murray is so Bill Murray in this 90’s movie about and anchorman stuck at the one place he hates being at, Punxsutawney, PA. I hate PA, too, Phil. I hate it, too.

So, him and his crew of two people (love interest and comic relief) get stuck in a snowstorm which he hadn’t predicted, forcing him to repeat Groundhog Day until he gets it right.

In the end, he gets it right.

This movie is funny. It’s hilarious and you have to laugh at what he does when he repeats the day. I like his ideas, especially the one about eating such high-cholesterol food and knowing that he’ll just be back to normal vital signs the next day.

This movie is against all odds, my favorite Bill Murray movie. Sure, I’ve only seen it once whereas I’ve watched Scrooged so many darn times. But, whatever. It’s such a fun movie that you can’t help laughing at.

The Sixth Sense, Movie Review

The Sixth Sense, Movie Review

Oh, where do I begin with this amazing movie?

Do I begin with the fact that it’s a movie about a little boy that sees dead people? Should I begin with the fact that one of the main characters is Bruce Willis? Or should I begin with the end? OH, SO MANY CHOICES!!! But I think I’ll start off with the sheer awesomeness of this movie.

When my brother found this movie while browsing in our grandparent’s basement, I was skeptical. Oh, it’ll be really boring and shitty and one of those big action movies that Bruce Willis is in and that I couldn’t care less about.

Well, Sixth Sense took the Taken approach and freaking surprised me.

After watching Warm Bodies I was ready to just settle down and just watch about anything.

This movie wins second best movie I’ve watched at my grandparent’s in 2013. (Warm Bodies takes up first.)

Now, you may be saying. “Oh, God, how can she possibly like a movie where Haley Joel Osment can see ghosts and Bruce Willis is-” oops, almost spilled the beans.


OK, I think I’ve gained my composure. Ah….. Sixth Sense. An awesome late 90’s movie that couldn’t have gotten any better. Seriously, this movie. The script couldn’t have been more awesome, the acting couldn’t be more amazing and I couldn’t have enjoyed it more.
-Sincerely, your daily blogger, Therese AKA YoungBlogger02

The Dreaded…

The Dreaded…

How should I start off the first episode my new series of posts………. I know! Let’s start with the one thing everybody talks about! Books.

Well, this is it. The Dreaded… Book.

Now, I must admit that there are some authors that I absolutely love. Like Meg Cabot, etc…. This list is completely biased, and if you don’t agree  with anything I say you can just make your own top four list in the comments.

4. Frontier Earth by Bruce Boxleitner 
Sorry Mr. Boxleitner, but your book HAS to be on my top ten least favorite books. This book was as Sci-Fi-y as you can get and I like the third-person narration but this book was sometimes boring and dragging. The only thing I can honestly say was good about this book was the fact that the author was Tron.
3. Pants On Fire by Meg Cabot 
I’m so sorry, Mrs. Cabot! I’m a sellout! But I have to admit I didn’t like this book as much as some of your other books. There was a lot of things wrong with his. First of all, the cover almost made me not want to read it. I mean, you have to admit, I had to hide the book from my father until my mother could return it to the library. Second of all, the fact that the main character cheats on her loving boyfriend. I know she ended up with Tommy in the end and confessed to something she didn’t do but I still didn’t like it. Third of all, I can’t even remember the main character’s name and I can still remember her best friend’s name and her ex-boyfriend’s name (well, one of them) and her boyfriend’s name. Please, Mrs. Cabot, please explain why you made this book?
2. (Almost) Every Fan-Fiction Posted On Wattpad by Miscellaneous
      Okay! I admit that I read some fan-fiction. But I said ALMOST all the fan-fictions. I like books that are based upon the writer’s ideas and not from Suzanne Collins, Steven Moffat, Peej (Peter Jackson), or J.R.R Tolkien. And even some pop-fic. Like Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston, One Direction, JB, or just about any other actor, stupid sing, stupid band.
1. The Modern Faery Tale Series by Holly Black
I don’t even know why I read this series to the very last word. I just wanted to put it the book(s) and scream “I’M DONE!!!” but, because I can never start a book without finishing it, I finished this series. I actually had some hope that Corny would meet some nice lady fairy and become not-gay. But it wasn’t to be. My favorite book in the series* was Valiant. Book two of the series. I absolutely hate these books and I don’t recommend them to anyone.
*Meaning the only one I didn’t thoroughly detest.

2013, In Review

2013, In Review

Ho-hum. Another year comes and goes so quickly. It’s kind of sad, really.

I mean, seventh sibling born, probably broken my record of how many times I can stub my pinkie-toe and I roll on the floor like a retarded top, and also drinking more water.

But, the again, 2013 sucked big-time. In more ways than one.

But 2013 is behind us and 2014 ahead. This year is more politics, more war, more tornadoes, more holidays, more books, more talking, more everything.

And I have to say I’m not looking forward to another repeat of 2013.