Reviews from the few New York productions I’ve watched.

Cinderella. We’re either lower-middle class or upper third-class

I liked this musical for it’s humor and it was great to see it in New York. The only thing that I was disappointed about was the fact that the songs weren’t very memorable. They didn’t stick into my head as much as other non-theatrical songs did.

If you’re younger (say 2-8) you’d only be going to see the main character and not actually the musical. It’s probably the best musical I’ve ever seen (and probably the only musical I’ve ever seen). I went as an American Girl experience with my parents and brother. We were able (with about a fourth of the audience) to have an ASK:REPLY with the stage manager and two of the cast members.

I asked the stage manager how they did the part where Cinderella changes from her simple dress to her ball gown. Once was before the first ball, and the other was when she was at the house and the stepmother who ripped off the dress which her second, kinder stepsister loaned her for the second ball. It was when the stepmother and the second step-sister left that the fairy-godmother threw the pink rags in the air and she appears in a gold gown. I never figured out exactly how they did that, but sometimes things are better left unknown.


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